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We LOVE this email so much that we received that we decided to share it!!

Dear Jeff,

I've been meaning to tell you something... we recently opened a couple bottles of wine that had been on the shelf for quite a while. One was a French vintage, given to me by an executive at a big movie studio for doing him a big favor. We called the wine shop where he got it and they said wait 5 years or so to open, and then it would be exceptional. You can still buy a bottle of the same vintage for about $150. It was less, far less, than mediocre. Not as good as $12 bottles Lynn gets from Trader Joe's. The other was your bottle of Caldeaux, year of creation I'm not sure, but we've had it for a while.

When we opened your wine, we had several guests at the house who are all wine connoisseurs (at least, in their minds!) and drink a lot (possibly too much!) wine without regard to the (probably exorbitant!) price tag. Lynn reached back in the cupboard and pulled out the bottle of CALDEAUX you gave us. Hey, wanna try this? It was a huge hit! Everyone thought it was exceptional! These people vacation in Capri every summer and eat at the finest restaurants. They even swirl their designer water in a glass and inhale it before drinking! They, and we, were truly impressed.

Who knew anyone could produce such great wine from his backyard while flying around the world on his day job. If this piloting thing doesn't work out, you're needed in France!

Best to you and Susie. And Lynn says hello.

Thanks again - John

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